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pink pavilion:music now are a small brighton record company which uses innovative new means to distribute music. please feel free to download the tracks from some of our artists below. .


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(right click on download and select "save as" to download free legal mp3 music, click on profile to see more info about the artist or to contact them for doing a gig or buying their music)

Download free legal mp3 music from many artists:

the methodist, secret (download)

the methodist, method of drums (download)

the methodist, playa ( download )

german national anthem techno remix (download, Gerbils)

Djuke Box (download, profile,

baggy choosers (download, MC Stammer)

seven rock (download, profile)

the rest of our lives (download, profile)

dizzie rascal remix of bonkers (download, MC Stammer)

cunning langue squish (download, prof. vestniks)

cheryl cole 3 words remix by MC Stammer (download)

bums and bass (download, MC Stammer)

instructions, listen to on acid(download, Blanksy)

love story (download, Billy Whizz feat. Pair)

slim chance (download, Terra Slim)

children of war (download, Abdullah Rolle)

dub pop (download, Billy Whizz feat. Pair)

piano strife (download, Billy Whizz)

sleepy organ (download, Blanksy)

tranzeattak (download , James Brown)

sarm23 (download, Blanksy)

just talkin bout a revolution (download, Blanksy)

analogue facts (download, by Blanksy)

alien (download, by Blanksy)

sarah, i love you 2(download, Blanksy)

nuer jazz (download, by Blanksy)

devil's kiss (download , profile)

i see no good in you (download , profile)

on your side (download , profile)

distance is not a factor(download, profile)

i'm going home (download)

sex is your religion (download)

vaudevillian (download, profile)

what do i do (download, profile)

angelically anal (download, Phil)

dab hand (download, by GbFr)

drums and bass in your space (download, by GbFr)

dark rool (download, by Word on the Street)

plinky (download, by Word on the Street)

moogie (download, by Word on the Street)

zoom (download ,aipac)

submachine (download,aipac)

ambient stage (download ,aipac)

pink paki power remix (download, by Blanksy)

i love you (download, by Blanksy)

jazz chord (download , Blanksy)

sarah the fella (download, by Blanksy)

god save the queen (download, by Blanksy)

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